Monday, October 6, 2008

Ooh, La

I dont know about you girls...but I sure had a FAB ...time shopping at French General...
Look at all my goodies that I will be making!
Thank you Kim for having such a wonderful event!
Hello to my girls in crime...Karen & Kathy...
Hey and I'm not forgetting Jamie!!!


Maija said...

I am so freaking jealous you went to French General!

blingqueen said...

You found some gorgeous stuff there. Kathy and I were so late, we were not able to find much in the dark. But I just luved that Chandler's girlfriend was so attentive to us. That was a treat in itself. So, therefore I am honored and excited and grateful that would even want to attempt to teach us to make jewelry. Ok, whe, when, when, check your calendar. We should plan to go to French General again too, maybe get a group of gals to meet during a Saturday. I really want to make some jewelry, bad, real bad!!!!!