Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day 10 years ago August 29th, 1998
I Kelly Kirsten Clements take Jeremy Eude Billeaudeaux!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look What I Made!

Haley loved my I couldn't pass up this adorable material.
What do you think?

My Super Model

Breathing Beside Us! Wow Debbie I love my purse and look at what a super cute tank top she sent Haley! To all my girlie friends if you have little darlings you must go check out Debbie's! I want another little girl to dress up!!!

Whats New...

Hello Ladies!
I'll be posting hopefully tonight...I haven't had my camera...Hubby took with him To Muncie Indiana...for RC Heli show...

But, should have all my little goodies I bought last weekend....ooooh! hehehe

And The dress form...from TJMaxx was by my house in Chino it's a Super Maxx store Bigger than a normal TJMaxx and remember it's really hit or miss.

I hope those of you who purchased my aprons are lovin' them...I will have another batch coming soon so keep an eye out...and a teacher friend of mine made a special request and I think I came out with a fun idea to make her day at school stay in touch!

And one last but most important!!! Kim! Thank you soooo sooo much for all your help with Joy's birthday! I couldnt' have done it without you!! Just to let you know if you did not make it too this fun time...we had dinner at South Coast Winery in Temecula and Kim did party treats...hmmm See's Chocolate...and We all made birthday tags for Joy...super cute! Again Thank you Kim! She's the BEST!!!!

La Maison Rustique

Guess what I did last sat.?? You guessed it...wouldn't miss it for the world Thank You Linda Sherry & Joy for a wonderful time and a warm welcome! These Ladies go all out let me just say...and too all the new and wonderful friends that I made...looking forward to keeping in touch! And another special reason we went too Was Joy's birthday! Ya...
Dont forget to go check out La Maison Rustique!

Prairie Home

Wow...Isn't Sherry from Prairie Home Amazing....Ladies if you didnt make La Maison Rustique you missed a wonderful time...go and check her out..she has cute T's and a Fab site!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grand Dame

I had a little shopping trip on my lunch hour...hehehh
And Guess what I found? TJMaxx had this great wire dress form!
Her name is The Grand Dame!
Wrapped in my Favorite dazzling beads and cameo necklace..
with a hint of Halloween sparkle...
Don't forget to click on her to get a closer look see!

Hocus Pocus

Eye of Button & Thread of Silk...
This is for my October Swap...and "witch" one of my Pretties will receive her??
Click on her to get a closer look see...
She is a mix of Black French Silk and Lace...
Orange button from Gilding the Lily..Thank you Nancy

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ruth Rae!..Amazing

Yesterday I had a girly day with my friend Kristen Robinson...We stepped out to get a coffee and a few books...and guess what I bought...???
So, Kristen was soo excited she called her girlfriend Ruth, who was on her way to hang out with us and share in our girly let her know her book was out...
This was my first time meeting Ruth...she is a positively warm and wonderful person to be was fun watching her create this beautiful journal...wait until you see it!
And she signed my book! Thanks again Ruth!!!
Ps. Holly wow...I love her bracelet!! You must sign my book too the next Chance I see you

10 Years Wow!

August 29th, 2008 it will be 10 years "Married" and 14 yrs together ...Can't believe it...This was our wedding invitation...Just to give you a little view into my personality...Wacky! Too say the least and I like to have fun...Who doesn't love Elvis and Ann Margaret in Via Las Vegas!! It's my favorite movie or least one of them...heheh
So, I just embellished the movie poster added our pictures and the vale was my mothers from her wedding in 1967. And 10 yrs and two kids he's still my best friend and love him very much!

Trinkets I Love

Slowly I'm putting my office back together and will show you the finished product hopefully in the next couple of weeks...these are just a few of the things that I love ...