Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chino Hills fires

Good's 5:31am
I think I have slept maybe 2 hours...Jer's out at Station 7 on the backside of Orange near the 241...And my neighbor Vince is in Carbon Cayon fighting fires, wonderful friend that he is has been keeping me updated...of all things my brother in law lives in Olinda far so good...YA
My kids are fine sent them home with my mother to Brea...but she is far enough away from that fire. 
The fire in Chino Hills came over the ridge at 2:16am this morning and the car is packed and ready to go if need I just watch and wait. No worries! 
I will post pics when I have my laptop up and running...sorry such a choppy post ...super tired!
Oh, and the fire off La Palma in Yorba Linda...well thats where my office is ...lets see if I have an office to go to come Monday? What a weekend!
Please Ladies ...thoughts and prayers to All the Firefighters out there!
Thanks! Much Love KellyB

Thursday, November 6, 2008 La Vern!

Joy's Open House!
She had a Great turn out!
Make sure you jump over to Joys blog and check out her pictures!


Simply Me Art!
Thank you Jaime!
My Evil Bling...Every Evil Witch Needs a Little Bling!

Spirit of Halloween!

Too all my wonderful friends that helped me Create
Good & Evil Witches!
Gilding the Lily first stop for inspiration...vintage netting and letters Thank you Nancy!
Simply me Art..Jamie! Love you...thank you so much for my bling!
Paper & Flowers... came from Scrappin in the Hills ... my fab friend Kristen Robinson!
Our pins...came from Candice!..
But how this all started was...
My beautiful Cousin Marisol married almost 2 years this coming Feb. decided she would like a black and cream wedding...
Haley was the flower girl and I was the Fabulous bridesmaid...hehehe
So, ladies those old bridemaid dresses can be put to good use...
Be Creative ...
Thank You too all my VERY Wonderful Girlfriends for always inspiring me and for there friendship!

Old Town Orange

October 30th Haley Garrett & Mommy!
Old Town Orange the Evil Witch...
Haley the Good Witch... guessed it ... Garrett!

My Little Fireman!

We stopped in to visit dad at the fire station ...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lookie Lookie! Treats!!!

Artistic Affaire Deaux!
Okay ...Not only can this Chick put on a Great Party...but check out the bag of goodies that each Creative Ladies receives...and prizes...Wow...I won a Fab center piece that looks like a cake...ooh, La la and check out the cute sparkle salt shaker...It just screams "Shake Me Baby" hehehe...
And last but not least Kim designed these great carry all totes! In 4 or 5 different colors and I had to have this Autumn matches my office and for that matter the rest of my house.
If you would like to find out more about her up and coming events and totes check go to my Creative Beauty's and click on Kim Caldwell!
Love ya Doll!

Check out My Bling

Ok...the flower is a ring!
And I got bling baby!
Jamie from Simly Me Art
Check her out!

Cigar Box Treasure

One of my many items in my FAB..cigar box from Holly and scroll down and check out the picture of the top of my!


Thank You Sherry for my Bling Bling!

Look Out Marie

This is the Top of my Cigar Box Swap...Guess who did this beautiful piece!
Holly...from Holly Loves Art...
I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to find out Holly was my swap partner...
Ladies I crossed my fingers she would make me something like what you see...
Her art work is just so amazing and she filled it with super fun button from her mother and a CD and flowers and many treasures!
Again Thank you Holly!

Apron "Dolls"

Look at all the Beautiful "Dolls" around me...
Dont they look Fab!
Thank you Ladies ...

Ooh, La

I dont know about you girls...but I sure had a FAB ...time shopping at French General...
Look at all my goodies that I will be making!
Thank you Kim for having such a wonderful event!
Hello to my girls in crime...Karen & Kathy...
Hey and I'm not forgetting Jamie!!!

Soft & Fuzzy...

Aren't they cute...French General Goodies...

Wonderful Weekend!

Good Morning...
I will be posting all my Fab pics tonight ...I can't begin to describe what a wonderful time I had at Artistic Affaire Deaux! All the wonderful new and old friends! Such creative ladies! Thank those who purchased my aprons ...Enjoy! A special thank you to Holly for my BEAUTIFUL cigar box...I Love it! Can't wait to to you ladies at Marie!!! Ta..Ta..!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

We will never forget our Heroes!
This picture was taken by my Husband Engineer Billeaudeaux
At a Memorial Ceremony in Santa Ana Ca.
Sept 11th 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ribbon Bracelet II

Another one of my Ribbon Bracelets...this one is Coral with greens and purples..
This is also for sale...$35 plus shipping...
Again all materials are vintage and purchased at Gilding the Lily...
Ladies it's so worth a trip to Old town Fullerton!

Ribbon Bracelets

So...this is what I made ...From my shopping trip on Friday...
What do you think? Like?
Just to let you know I will be selling this for $40 plus shipping.
All items are from Gilding the Lily...very vintage! Nothing but the best from Nancy's store!


Fab..Friday! I did a little shopping trip to Gilding the Lily! Hi Nancy!
All my little treasures....oooh!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soccer Time

You guessed it...It's Soccer time...Haley's team needed Hair dazzle!
I only have 14 to make ...4 down 10 to go by tomorrow..:( ugh!!
I just can't say no...when it comes to my kids...
Now I wish my husband would feel the same way about my shoe habit! hahahah

Apron Swap...

My lovely Apron that Angela sent me...with cute little goodies!
Thank you!!!


One of my goodies from Apron Angela Harris...
Super Cute!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zoom zoom!!

I had to post this! For some you who don't know I have a Mini Cooper...super fun and love it!
But Thursday I took my car for an Oil change and they usually give me the X3 for a loner...
Check out the Loner they gave me this time!
BMW 328 I two door! ROCK!
Can I just say, I was having such a great time I didn't want to give it back!

Anniversary Night!

As you know Friday was our 10 yr and if we're not out of town celebrating, you can usually find us in the City of Orange for there annual Street Fair...or as we like to say Food & Drink fest..take your pick...hehehe
Just a little history...this was our first date out of high school, we look back now and laugh. Who would have ever thought we would get married and have two kids...
P.s. Isnt he cute! You should see him in his Fire uniform..WOW! Hubba Hubba!

Ooh, La La Ladie's

Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Kristen, I now have Moo cards! Ya! Aren't the cute??
Fab...Ladies of Fashion!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day 10 years ago August 29th, 1998
I Kelly Kirsten Clements take Jeremy Eude Billeaudeaux!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look What I Made!

Haley loved my I couldn't pass up this adorable material.
What do you think?

My Super Model

Breathing Beside Us! Wow Debbie I love my purse and look at what a super cute tank top she sent Haley! To all my girlie friends if you have little darlings you must go check out Debbie's! I want another little girl to dress up!!!

Whats New...

Hello Ladies!
I'll be posting hopefully tonight...I haven't had my camera...Hubby took with him To Muncie Indiana...for RC Heli show...

But, should have all my little goodies I bought last weekend....ooooh! hehehe

And The dress form...from TJMaxx was by my house in Chino it's a Super Maxx store Bigger than a normal TJMaxx and remember it's really hit or miss.

I hope those of you who purchased my aprons are lovin' them...I will have another batch coming soon so keep an eye out...and a teacher friend of mine made a special request and I think I came out with a fun idea to make her day at school stay in touch!

And one last but most important!!! Kim! Thank you soooo sooo much for all your help with Joy's birthday! I couldnt' have done it without you!! Just to let you know if you did not make it too this fun time...we had dinner at South Coast Winery in Temecula and Kim did party treats...hmmm See's Chocolate...and We all made birthday tags for Joy...super cute! Again Thank you Kim! She's the BEST!!!!

La Maison Rustique

Guess what I did last sat.?? You guessed it...wouldn't miss it for the world Thank You Linda Sherry & Joy for a wonderful time and a warm welcome! These Ladies go all out let me just say...and too all the new and wonderful friends that I made...looking forward to keeping in touch! And another special reason we went too Was Joy's birthday! Ya...
Dont forget to go check out La Maison Rustique!

Prairie Home

Wow...Isn't Sherry from Prairie Home Amazing....Ladies if you didnt make La Maison Rustique you missed a wonderful time...go and check her out..she has cute T's and a Fab site!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grand Dame

I had a little shopping trip on my lunch hour...hehehh
And Guess what I found? TJMaxx had this great wire dress form!
Her name is The Grand Dame!
Wrapped in my Favorite dazzling beads and cameo necklace..
with a hint of Halloween sparkle...
Don't forget to click on her to get a closer look see!

Hocus Pocus

Eye of Button & Thread of Silk...
This is for my October Swap...and "witch" one of my Pretties will receive her??
Click on her to get a closer look see...
She is a mix of Black French Silk and Lace...
Orange button from Gilding the Lily..Thank you Nancy

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ruth Rae!..Amazing

Yesterday I had a girly day with my friend Kristen Robinson...We stepped out to get a coffee and a few books...and guess what I bought...???
So, Kristen was soo excited she called her girlfriend Ruth, who was on her way to hang out with us and share in our girly let her know her book was out...
This was my first time meeting Ruth...she is a positively warm and wonderful person to be was fun watching her create this beautiful journal...wait until you see it!
And she signed my book! Thanks again Ruth!!!
Ps. Holly wow...I love her bracelet!! You must sign my book too the next Chance I see you

10 Years Wow!

August 29th, 2008 it will be 10 years "Married" and 14 yrs together ...Can't believe it...This was our wedding invitation...Just to give you a little view into my personality...Wacky! Too say the least and I like to have fun...Who doesn't love Elvis and Ann Margaret in Via Las Vegas!! It's my favorite movie or least one of them...heheh
So, I just embellished the movie poster added our pictures and the vale was my mothers from her wedding in 1967. And 10 yrs and two kids he's still my best friend and love him very much!

Trinkets I Love

Slowly I'm putting my office back together and will show you the finished product hopefully in the next couple of weeks...these are just a few of the things that I love ...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock n' Roll in Chino Hills!

Some of you know that I live in Chino Hills! We're ok ...I raced home to see the damage and it wasn't biggest concern where my kids and they're fine just a little freaked out! Oh, and our 70 gallon salt water tank...but thats good too! One item did break and of all things it was my husbands mothers crystal bell...she passed away when my husband was 22 of lung cancer. So, that bothered me. But on an up note all my friends and neighbors are great...just a little shankn'

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Little Things...Class!

Ok Ladies...It's not quiet finished
My Wonderful Aunt Dee was super generous and made my creation into a bag ...
So I promised her that I would finish the flowers in the flower boxes!
Thank you Thank you
Aunt Dee!
Ps. I took this awesome class at Artistic Affaire with Lori Marie of "Pretty Little Things"
Thank you Kim & Lori

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Aprons are going fast! Thank you Ladies!!!
I am working on your orders all this week
And will hopefully get them out to ship by
next week. If you have any questions or
requests please email me at

Monday, July 21, 2008

Your Request for An Apron Creation!

Hello my lovely ladies...if you where at Kim's this weekend for a crop you more than likely saw my little apron frock...well I went shopping today for more material..each material set has a name if your interested give me the name of the picture. I'm in the process of setting up paypal and will let you know. The Cost is $36. + shipping it will take one to two weeks...

Tea Time By the Shore

Hi Tea by the Sea...
The creative half of my brain Kristen Robinson is always giving
me new inspiration...
she's always super generous ...
She supplied me with this fun stamp.
Thanks Kristen!

Spring Time-SOLD

Fresh Flowers-SOLD

So French-SOLD

Rose Garden-SOLD

Sandy's Fab Art!

Sandy has and wonderful and creative eye!
It just came alive before my eyes I just couldn't get over just how amazing...
And her jewelry ...word cant describe how truly gifted she is!!!


She's so CREATIVE! I totally fell in love with her art piece! And if you check out
her blog site you can she see what she did with it!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Sat" Project...

C-Gar Box ...Auntie was thinking of Me!

I'm Thinking a Vintage Purse?

Love of Material!

She's A Grand Old Flag

Created by JoyC...
4th of July and Halloween
Are my 2 favorite holidays!!
Thank You Joy...Your the BEST!

"Lilly Apron"

Oh, my...I did it Lola!
With help from my wonderful mother who has the patients to sit with me and help me figure out the pattern...ugh! 4 hours later this is the end result and I love it! Look out ... I think i'll make a couple more! I found this material at Tall Mouse in Yorba Linda and with the pattern...couldn't help myself! Anyways, if your wondering who Lola is ??? She is a wonderfully creative and life long friend of mine...and boy can that woman sew...I remember her making bathing suits back in our late teens...yes Lola I remember! hehehe Can't wait for you to get on the ball and blog...listen to me the Old pro...HA! J/K... hopefully soon she'll be sending me pics of her creation for me to share with you! xoxo KellyB

Gilding The Lily...

Gilding the Lily...Fab! Store in Fullerton CA..
Just a small sample of what Nancy has in her store
I can't wait to go back and do a make and take next weekend!
Thank you Nancy!

Monday, June 30, 2008


To all My WonDerFul FrIenDs who are Always Inspiring Me to Create New and Fun tHings!
Joy, Kristen & Maija

Flowers for Sissy! xoxo

"Buddy" is waiting
to give "Sissy" her flowers!
Quote: Can we Go HoMe YET!
tHEy jUsT DoNt UnDerStanD!