Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock n' Roll in Chino Hills!

Some of you know that I live in Chino Hills! We're ok ...I raced home to see the damage and it wasn't bad..my biggest concern where my kids and they're fine just a little freaked out! Oh, and our 70 gallon salt water tank...but thats good too! One item did break and of all things it was my husbands mothers crystal bell...she passed away when my husband was 22 of lung cancer. So, that bothered me. But on an up note all my friends and neighbors are great...just a little shankn'


Cheryl said...

Glad to hear you are OK! I was thinking about you and Joy, too! I'm sorry to hear about the crystal bell, but glad to hear everything else is fine!

Maija said...

Thank God you and your family are ok! It must have scared the piss out of you!!

inge said...

something bad must have happened at yours... haven't heard about it here...

whatever it was : fine that everybody is OK !

Inge from belgium
your sweet and sinister swapmate...