Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

It's been a while, but I believe I'm will be fun trying to keep up between blogging and Facebook. :) Sometimes you just need a break to spend time with family and friends...I did just that this past year.
2009 was jam packed with adventure, broken bones (daughter) but she is great! Went to Maui with my Grandmother and to Island hop to visit my cousins Jared Stephanie and there kids all doing great. Spent time with girlfriends! Always a plus! xoxo
Another Anniv. with hubby! :) And so many birthdays! Made a 24 hour run to Vegas for my girlfriend Frankie's 40th birthday... Thanksgiving with my friend Jen and her family...Christmas Eve as always with my mothers side of the many cousins! Hubby worked New Years Eve :(
Saints won and are going to the Super Bowl! Who Dat! Super Bowl Party at Jen's with some good Orleans cookn' by my cajun husband!
And coming up...the dreaded 39th bday...can't believe it?
But I see wonderful things in my future, because I have wonderful friends and thats what makes life beautiful!
Much Love to all ...
I will be posting all my art soon as I figure out this Mac...hahaha

Christmas Party

Haley with her cousins Christmas Party
Not all cousins are present!

Fullerton Uncorked!

Last Sept. 2009 Was Fullerton Uncorked...
What a blast!

Maui June 2009 My Grandmother

Meet my Grandmother me she is always "Mama"
So this last June my Mama and Aunt Mary Helen
Went to Maui...
My Grandma is 83 yrs old she hiked the 7 secrete pools!

Halloween 2009

Halloween Party...
San Fran. "Peachy Puff Girl"
Totally had fun taking this class with
Christine Elle Rose

Haley's Birthday Hat

I had so much fun making this hat
for Haley to wear to Disney!
Dollybelle's Peepshow by Christine Elle Rose
She will be teaching this class at
Affaire in Wonderland
March 2010

Haley's 9th Birthday

Haley spent her 9th birthday this past November
at Disneyland they just happen to be filming
for the 2009 Christmas Parade!
USC Cheerleaders

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something I Love

My mother thinks she's not creative ...
But if you ask me I think these towels are a little on the creative side...
I grew up always having fun and vibrant towels and I believe I took it for granite...
Not anymore!
One of the items I asked for when I got married where in fact a set of towels, my mother knocked me out and made me a months supply...which I hide from my husband so he doesn't wreck them. hehehehe
Then she made me these ... They look just like my daughter Haley when she was 2 years old.
I cherish what she creates, she's an amazing person a wonderful mother and grandmother!
What more could you ask, but she's also my best friend.