Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something I Love

My mother thinks she's not creative ...
But if you ask me I think these towels are a little on the creative side...
I grew up always having fun and vibrant towels and I believe I took it for granite...
Not anymore!
One of the items I asked for when I got married where in fact a set of towels, my mother knocked me out and made me a months supply...which I hide from my husband so he doesn't wreck them. hehehehe
Then she made me these ... They look just like my daughter Haley when she was 2 years old.
I cherish what she creates, she's an amazing person a wonderful mother and grandmother!
What more could you ask, but she's also my best friend.


Karen said...

Hi Kelly! I'm Joy's friend. We met on the 4th of July at their party. It was you two rascals that got me all hooked on scrapbooking again!!!!
But hey - I was raised making these same towels! We were taught by my grandma to embroider. And quilt. Never learned applique though.
I have some very special pillowcases and dish towels that are wonderful reminders of both my Grandma and my Mom. Hopefully some day I'll have a granddaughter to pass the tradition down to.
Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly:
I love them!!! My Mom who will be 100 in June taught me hoe to do them as a child and I think your Mom is cool & creative too!!!
It was certainly my pleasure sitting next to you Sunday at Kristen's workshop. Thank you for your expert assistance.

Cindy said...

Hey Kelly~ it was great running into you today at CHA. I love your blog and your Etsy store. Bookmarking you now. Take care!

Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

I love those towels, can she make me some!!