Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chino Hills fires

Good's 5:31am
I think I have slept maybe 2 hours...Jer's out at Station 7 on the backside of Orange near the 241...And my neighbor Vince is in Carbon Cayon fighting fires, wonderful friend that he is has been keeping me updated...of all things my brother in law lives in Olinda far so good...YA
My kids are fine sent them home with my mother to Brea...but she is far enough away from that fire. 
The fire in Chino Hills came over the ridge at 2:16am this morning and the car is packed and ready to go if need I just watch and wait. No worries! 
I will post pics when I have my laptop up and running...sorry such a choppy post ...super tired!
Oh, and the fire off La Palma in Yorba Linda...well thats where my office is ...lets see if I have an office to go to come Monday? What a weekend!
Please Ladies ...thoughts and prayers to All the Firefighters out there!
Thanks! Much Love KellyB

Thursday, November 6, 2008 La Vern!

Joy's Open House!
She had a Great turn out!
Make sure you jump over to Joys blog and check out her pictures!


Simply Me Art!
Thank you Jaime!
My Evil Bling...Every Evil Witch Needs a Little Bling!

Spirit of Halloween!

Too all my wonderful friends that helped me Create
Good & Evil Witches!
Gilding the Lily first stop for inspiration...vintage netting and letters Thank you Nancy!
Simply me Art..Jamie! Love you...thank you so much for my bling!
Paper & Flowers... came from Scrappin in the Hills ... my fab friend Kristen Robinson!
Our pins...came from Candice!..
But how this all started was...
My beautiful Cousin Marisol married almost 2 years this coming Feb. decided she would like a black and cream wedding...
Haley was the flower girl and I was the Fabulous bridesmaid...hehehe
So, ladies those old bridemaid dresses can be put to good use...
Be Creative ...
Thank You too all my VERY Wonderful Girlfriends for always inspiring me and for there friendship!

Old Town Orange

October 30th Haley Garrett & Mommy!
Old Town Orange the Evil Witch...
Haley the Good Witch... guessed it ... Garrett!

My Little Fireman!

We stopped in to visit dad at the fire station ...