Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Lilly Apron"

Oh, my...I did it Lola!
With help from my wonderful mother who has the patients to sit with me and help me figure out the pattern...ugh! 4 hours later this is the end result and I love it! Look out ... I think i'll make a couple more! I found this material at Tall Mouse in Yorba Linda and with the pattern...couldn't help myself! Anyways, if your wondering who Lola is ??? She is a wonderfully creative and life long friend of mine...and boy can that woman sew...I remember her making bathing suits back in our late teens...yes Lola I remember! hehehe Can't wait for you to get on the ball and blog...listen to me the Old pro...HA! J/K... hopefully soon she'll be sending me pics of her creation for me to share with you! xoxo KellyB


Maija said...

That is fabulous!! Is it a dress or an apron? I just love the fabrics you selected!!

Lauren said...

So fun I just bought the pattern last week at a quilters expo, my mom also is way talented in the sewing department. I bought 6 already created fabric selections and thought my qirlfriends would love to have these in their kitchens too. This week I made 9 total for all my friends Christmas gifts! I am working on the flower pattern now. Did you get that pattern too? If you haven't it totally makes it perfect you should look for one to make too. The first apron took me 4 1//2 hours but I found that because I was doing more I could cut out like 3 patterns at a time and it really cut down on the prep time! Best of luck on future fun projects!