Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ruth Rae!..Amazing

Yesterday I had a girly day with my friend Kristen Robinson...We stepped out to get a coffee and a few books...and guess what I bought...???
So, Kristen was soo excited she called her girlfriend Ruth, who was on her way to hang out with us and share in our girly let her know her book was out...
This was my first time meeting Ruth...she is a positively warm and wonderful person to be was fun watching her create this beautiful journal...wait until you see it!
And she signed my book! Thanks again Ruth!!!
Ps. Holly wow...I love her bracelet!! You must sign my book too the next Chance I see you


Scrappy Jessi said...

so so fun.
ruth is such a doll.
i met her in May.
very sweet.
sounds like a fab day.

Maija said...

I KNOW you will want my signature, too, next time I see you!!!!!

inge said...

I think I remember her name from one or another publication, but I don't know her really.

The cover looks very attractive ! Can you show some more from the inside ?
I hope stampington has it for sale, so I can order it...