Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whats New...

Hello Ladies!
I'll be posting hopefully tonight...I haven't had my camera...Hubby took with him To Muncie Indiana...for RC Heli show...

But, should have all my little goodies I bought last weekend....ooooh! hehehe

And The dress form...from TJMaxx was by my house in Chino it's a Super Maxx store Bigger than a normal TJMaxx and remember it's really hit or miss.

I hope those of you who purchased my aprons are lovin' them...I will have another batch coming soon so keep an eye out...and a teacher friend of mine made a special request and I think I came out with a fun idea to make her day at school stay in touch!

And one last but most important!!! Kim! Thank you soooo sooo much for all your help with Joy's birthday! I couldnt' have done it without you!! Just to let you know if you did not make it too this fun time...we had dinner at South Coast Winery in Temecula and Kim did party treats...hmmm See's Chocolate...and We all made birthday tags for Joy...super cute! Again Thank you Kim! She's the BEST!!!!

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Kim Caldwell said...

Anytime doll! It was such fun being together. I feel so blessed. Can't wait for many more soriees in our future! Love the Joyeux Affaire button too -- thanks sweets!

Hugs, Kim